My Heart Belongs in Ruby City, Idaho: Rebecca’s Plight by Susanne Dietze


This is a sweet endearing christian romance with real believable characters. Rebecca Rice answers a mail order ad because she is tired of going hungry and being abused by her employer. She is all alone and has nowhere else to turn…….She arrives dusty, tired and hungry in Ruby City, not knowing what her future will hold. All she wants is a home and family and someone to care for her. The man she has been corresponding with owns the town mercantile and seems to be just what she longs for. She just didn’t count on her stagecoach being robbed and her losing most of the little that she owned and she sure didn’t dream that she would marry the wrong Fordham by mistake.  She had married the cousin whose name was Tad Fordham and her intended was Ted Fordham. What a tangle her life has become. While waiting a month for the judge to return to Ruby City to annul their marriage, Rebecca learns a lot about herself, her intended and her  husband who is not her husband. Outlaw gang, cousins, deputy, rioters and good honest town folks all make for an interesting read………I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.                                                                                                                                

Freedom’s Price (Keys of Promise Book #3) byChristine Johnson


This books begins in 1846, in England, where Catherine, is a young woman who has lost her father and also her childhood home. Her cousin is trying to force  her into  marriage to an older man she hardly knows. Her mother died when she was a child, but she remembers her telling her about the family estate in Louisiana.  She books passage on a ship going to New Orleans.  When Catherine arrives at the plantation, she is met by a slave woman who tells her to leave. Her uncle and cousin are not living there but have left the estate in the hands of a manager, who let it fall into disrepair. She feels something is very wrong here. Where are the workers on the plantation and where is the household staff? She cannot bear to leave but feels like God would have her stay and bring back the house and lands to the state that her mother used to tell her about. The manager is a Cuban who seems charming and sinister a the same time. He acts like he owns the plantation although he is just the overseer.                                                                                There is mystery, deceit, danger and dark secrets, the author has made her characters take on life.  A very interesting book……….. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell, I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Freedom's Price (Keys of Promise Book #3) by [Johnson, Christine]

Fraying at the Edge: A Novel (The Amish of Summer Grove) by Cindy Woodsmall


The second book of the series. These are among the best Amish books I have ever read, thoroughly enjoyable. …We find the two girls who were switched at birth… is sweet and gentle and loves her Amish family and their way of life……The other is worldly, rebellious and addicted to drugs…..Can you imagine each being dropped into the other’s life from which they were totally unaccustomed?  What a cultural shock…one thrown in the upheaval of  parents that were never wed to each other with other spouses and children……a modern world she has never knew of and being demanded to partake.   The other thrown back a century in time and cannot conceive that people live like the dark ages. Such an adjustment and both hating where they are.  What could ever be the outcome for these families?…..I must warned you, the ending is not what you think……        I was gifted this book to leave an honest review and I am happy to do so.                                                                                               Fraying at the Edge: A Novel (The Amish of Summer Grove) by [Woodsmall, Cindy]

The Road to Paradise: A Vintage National Parks Novel by Karen Barnett


What a delightful read in this first book in Barnett’s Vintage National Park series. The Road to Paradise is full of history,  adventure and romance in a beautiful setting of Mt. Rainier National Park. The writing is exceptional and the characters are believable. You could visualize yourself climbing the snow covered mountain and feeling the raw cold that the characters were feeling. Experiencing the raw beauty of  Nature’s undeveloped  woodlands. Karen Barnett has a sure winner in this first book  about National Parks. I was gifted this book to read and review and was honored to do so.                                                                                                                                                   The Road to Paradise: A Vintage National Parks Novel by [Barnett, Karen]


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Dark Deception (Defenders of Justice) by Nancy Mehl


Book two in the Defenders of Justice does not disappoint in any way. An intense and gripping novel that will keep you holding on to the edge of your seat. It has all the elements of a good read.  Mystery, intrigue, suspense, danger and romance. When you think you know who is “who” it takes another turn and here we go again. Of course it is all in Nancy Mehl style, she is the Expert on writing of mysteries. Also with christian principals in the writing. What a great book………I feel honored to read and review this book.                                                                                               

The Farmers’ Market Mishap: A Sequel to The Lopsided Christmas Cake by Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter


“The Farmer’s Market Mishap” is the sequel to “The Lopsided Christmas Cake” by Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter.  Elma’s story – her hopes of getting married but thinking that it would never happen, her work in the general store, the twin sisters inherited from their grandparents, her relationship with her sister who is expecting her first child.  Elma meets Ben and feels something very special for him, but feels she could never leave her twin.  Ben begins to fall in love with Elma but wonders if it will work because of the distance between them.  Eventually all is worked out for a happy ending. I do wish the characters, situations and plot would have been more developed……..I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.                                                                                                                                                                                         The Farmers' Market Mishap: A Sequel to The Lopsided Christmas Cake by [Brunstetter, Wanda E., Brunstetter, Jean]

My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains: by Susan Page Davis


My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains by Susan Page Davis. This is about a young lady named Carmela, whose parents died when she was 12 years old and is now under the care of a rather immoral uncle who makes money having Carmela give speeches about being kidnapped by a savage Indian tribe, which is a lie, and has gone so far as to fake tattoo Carmela’s face with tribal markings. Now a grown lady she wishes she could escape from this life she is living. She feels badly telling the lies night after night in different towns. . When the stagecoach they’re travelling on is attacked by outlaws, Carmela gets separated from her uncle Silas and finds herself in the care of a deputy who also along with his prisoner was on the stage. They are abandoned in the desert with no food or water.  What ensues is an interesting read of how she is delivered from this way of life she hated and found love from someone who looked beyond the markings on her face to the real woman inside.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under  no obligation to post a review.                                                                                                                                                                                            My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains: Carmela's Quandary by [Davis, Susan Page]

Behind the Scenes (Apart From the Crowd Book #1) byJen Turano


This is my first book to read by Jen Turano and I must say it was quite different.  She writes in a witty and sometimes funny and sometimes too much style.  Although there is mystery and danger with a hint of romance, this was too wordy and the describing of characters and events was told in an unusual way in the telling.
I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectation of a positive review. All expressed opinions are my own.

Behind the Scenes (Apart From the Crowd Book #1) by [Turano, Jen]

Weaver’s Needle by Robin Caroll


I love a good mystery and Robin Caroll has supplied this in Weaver’s Needle. What’s better than a lost treasure and an ancient treasure map? …..Landry Parker and Nickolai Baptiste are recovery experts that are hired by a wealthy widow to recover a treasure map that was taken when her husband was murdered. The first person to find the map will receive fifty thousand dollars. As they each began searching for clues to the treasure, they find there is someone else after the treasure and they are willing to kill for it. Their search takes them from New Orleans to Weaver’s Needle in Arizona to the sacred grounds of Native Americans.   As the danger increases they begin to join together for safety and also to compare clues for their search.  A hint of romance, danger, suspense and intrigue makes for a good read…………

Weaver's Needle by [Caroll, Robin]

Love’s Winter Hope: Historical Christian Romance (Eagle Harbor) (Volume 5) by Naomi Rawlings


This is a story of love and forgiveness, showing if we trust god and forgive He can restore a love that was lost…..Love’s Winter Hope takes place in Eagle Harbor during the winter time, a very cold cruel winter. Jessalyn’s husband, Thomas, left 5 years ago to get a better paying job to support his wife and two daughters. She has heard nothing from him in all this time, so surely he must be dead. One night during a severe blizzard, a ship wrecks and among the rescued is Thomas.  Jessalynn cannot believe her eyes, is it really Thomas, then that means for the last 5 years that she has suffered to provide for her daughters with no help from him, he had deserted them. Needless to say she is not happy to see him.  Thomas is unprepared for the sight of his wife with not 2 but 3 daughters.  The wife he is so excited to see is not happy to see him, why? Also why did she never acknowledge his letters and the money he sent faithfully these 5 years?  So much to be resolved between them.  Can they reclaim the love they once shared? There is much suspense, tragedy and obstacles that makes for a most interesting read that you will enjoy immensely…….I was gifted this copy, but was under no obligation to provide a review.