Light Bird’s Song by Sydney Tooman Betts


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was most interesting. This historical romance is like no other romance. The reader learns of the life and practices of the Native American tribes, their tribal customs and the different clans. Some of which is very primitive and harsh. Light Bird is kidnapped from her tribe by a warrior from another tribe. He did so because one of Light Bird’s tribesman had killed his wife and child. But he learns to love and respect her although he cannot understand her and her God. She, in turn cannot understand the ways of his  people, nor their harsh customs. I really liked the translation of the bible that made it easy for them to understand. This is a sweet romance with a surprising ending. This is one book you will not want to put down. Now, I must get the first book to read. Ms. Betts is a excellent story teller.  I highly recommend this book.


About dixiegran

I am a grandmother from Dixie who loves to read christian fiction. I created this blog so I could do reviews on the books I read. I am on the review blogger program for Bethany House....also Blogging For Books and Barbour Publishing Co. On Christian Reviewers I also obtain books from various authors to read and then give my review on Amazon and here.

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