Courting Thomas (Lincoln County Series (Book 5)) by Sarah Jae Foster


I was privileged to read and review this book before it’s release date. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the characters are so real.            Thomas Engle is an outlaw hunter, who is wanting to retire to his cabin and live a peaceable life.. He has one night left, hoping he can get through it with no trouble. As he and his men are keeping vigil in the saloon, a young man accuses another of cheating in a card game and draws his gun and shoots, hitting the man in the face. Of course Thomas has to lock him up. The trigger happy man’s sister was outside the saloon watching and decides to dress like a man and free her brother, Stephan from jail. He has a wife back home ready to give birth and several other children that he needs to get home to.  So she takes a gun and frees her brother. Now Thomas has to track down the escaped shooter, delaying his retirement.  What follows is a most interesting tale of an outlaw hunter that has avowed to live alone and how he met Lenora (never suspecting who she is) and could not help himself in the romantic interest that flares between them. Even though he tried to ignore her. Courting Thomas is a  book that will keep you turning the pages.


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I am a grandmother from Dixie who loves to read christian fiction. I created this blog so I could do reviews on the books I read. I am on the review blogger program for Bethany House....also Blogging For Books and Barbour Publishing Co. On Christian Reviewers I also obtain books from various authors to read and then give my review on Amazon and here.

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