“THE RECKONING” – Legacy of the King’s Pirates Series …. Book 5. By renowned Christian author – MaryLu Tyndall.


I’ve never read a time travel story until The Reckoning. In fact if a book is about time travel I will not read it. I would not have read this one if Mary Lu Tyndall had not been the author. I love all her books about pirates and ships. This book was different but still Mary Lu did not disappoint. It starts out in the year 2015 with a young woman, Morgan Shaw, who has anxiety, OCD, and terminal cancer.  She visits an annual  tall-ship festival in San Diego with her boyfriend who when he learns of her cancer breaks up with her and leaves her alone. Morgan is hurt and is trying to avoid her ex, she somehow goes down to the bowels of the ship, finds an amulet in an old lantern and falls and hurts her head……….only to reemerge 300 years in the past, in the bowels of a pirate ship owned by the infamous captain Rowan Dutton.   I was totally enthralled with and fell in love with Morgan and Rowan and you will too. Confusion, fear, battles, locked in the bowels of the ship in filth with rats, still God is trying to reach Morgan. She believes her father planed this whole thing, staging the ship and the pirates are actors and none of it is real. She plays along with it and is confused as to why her father would go to so much trouble until she finally realizes that it is real……but how can it be?   Rowan is a total rogue,  that captures her heart against her will. He cannot understand how she came to be in the bowels of his ship, dressed like no woman he has ever seen, talks in an odd way, speaks of things he has never heard of…..  but oh, a happy ending.  This is a book you will not want to put down, true Tyndall style in every way. A five star rating for sure………book was gifted me for an honest review.                                                                                                                                                                                             


About dixiegran

I am a grandmother from Dixie who loves to read christian fiction. I created this blog so I could do reviews on the books I read. I am on the review blogger program for Bethany House....also Blogging For Books and Barbour Publishing Co. On Christian Reviewers I also obtain books from various authors to read and then give my review on Amazon and here.

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