Drawn by the Frost Moon: Bitter Eyes No More (Creek Country Saga Book 4) by April W. Gardner


Drawn by the Frost Moon: Bitter Eyes No More (Creek Country Saga Book 4), written by April W. Gardner, is a most interesting christian historical romance. It takes you into what was Spanish Florida in the year of 1817.  It is the story of Lillian McGirth and captain Marcus Buck. Lillian being the rebel she is has run to Florida and believes the lies of the handsome Don, believing he will marry her.  She gives birth to a beautiful daughter and longs to be free from her cruel lover.  The Don will not allow her to leave with his child. She is constantly doing penance for her sins and the Don goes free. The priest believing the Don was seduced and therefore innocent. Her life is miserable. Enters Marcus Buck, with the American soldiers, who has promised her father, who is dying from cancer, to do all he can to bring her home.  To tell her all is forgiven and she is loved. Captain Buck is a doctor and is allowed to treat the child who is suffering from a high fever, but is constantly watched by those who are employed by the Don. He saves the child’s life and Lillian begins to trust him and learns of her father’s desire for her to come home. But how will she be able to escape with the child?   She will not leave her daughter behind under any circumstance.                                                                                                                                                                 Lillian is suspected of being a traitor because she is the Don’s mistress.  The army uses her as a translator, but does not trust her, so therefore is not willing to help her escape.  Buck is caught in between, longing to help her, feeling a great attraction for her and keeping himself from giving in to her charms, as would be pleasing to his God.                            There are renegade Indians, Indians on the warpath, attacking forts, yet at times helping Lillian.  She has a great fear of the Creek or the red sticks, as she was captured by them and lived among them for a year, and she has a right to be afraid.                                                     This is a tale that will keep you riveted to the pages, wanting to see how it ends, but hating to see it end.  I can’t wait for the next book  about Mink, the warrior woman of the Creek Indians…………………..I was gifted this ebook  by the author to read and review and I was honored to do so. I was not told how to do the review, just happy to do so.                                                                               Drawn by the Frost Moon: Bitter Eyes No More (Creek Country Saga Book 4) by [Gardner, April W]


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I am a grandmother from Dixie who loves to read christian fiction. I created this blog so I could do reviews on the books I read. I am on the review blogger program for Bethany House....also Blogging For Books and Barbour Publishing Co. On Christian Reviewers I also obtain books from various authors to read and then give my review on Amazon and here.

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