The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection: Hope Reaches Across the Centuries Through One Single Bottle, Inspiring Five Romances


The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection has a lot of good reading, five romances written by five Christian authors.  All of the five romances have an ancient brass bottle withe words Hope written in Latin on it. Somehow down through time it is washed up, passed on in the different stories with a different time era…..The first in the collection is by Heather Ray Gilbert who brings some Vikings into her story. Very good one about an Irish princess whose parents were murdered along with her only brother. She joins up with some roving Tinkers to escape and stay hidden. She finds out her friend/protector is actually from the clan that murdered her family. This story has a wonderful ending…….Then there is the story of the Scottish Weaver, the bottle with Hope written on it brings hope at a needed time………Next a post Colonial nurse who is the same as a doctor who studied with her doctor father. A doctor from the islands joins her father;s practice during a time of a yellow fever outbreak. He has hardened his heart to all, especially to this young nurse/doctor. A dying patient gives him this ancient bottle and thus through hope he learns to care and even let love bloom in his heart…….Then  during the civil war a young mill worker is captured and taken to Georgia , after her home was overtaken to be used as a hospital. A young union soldier takes her to protect her and on the journey he finds himself caring what becomes of her. A very interesting read……. The next story takes place on Coronado Island in California. A young maid from the hotel is on the beach when the ancient bottle washes up and is picked up by a young man, who is a guest at the hotel. She has lost the memory of 10 years of her life and walks the beach in hopes that she will remember something from the years she lost. A beautiful story, but to me the ending was too soon with telling too little…………  each receive a message from the bottle just when they need their hope restored.                                                                                                                                                                           


About dixiegran

I am a grandmother from Dixie who loves to read christian fiction. I created this blog so I could do reviews on the books I read. I am on the review blogger program for Bethany House....also Blogging For Books and Barbour Publishing Co. On Christian Reviewers I also obtain books from various authors to read and then give my review on Amazon and here.

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