Not a Sparrow Falls (Wyldhaven Book 1) by Lynnette Bonner


This is the first book in the Wyldhaven series and at the back of the book we get to read a little of what book two will be. ……Charlotte Brindle has for the second time found her intended to be other than what she thought and cannot see herself wed to him. She prays and ask God to lead her, as she cannot bear to be around him. Almost immediately she is offered a teaching position in the little logging town of Wyldhaven.  The ride in the stagecoach to Wyldhaven has her wondering if she did the right thing. The only other passenger is a man who stares at her and makes her very uncomfortable. Then the stagecoach is held up by some outlaws wanting the man, who is part of their gang to pay up what is owed them. The adventures start.  The sheriff  is also on the scene. Charlotte is kidnapped by the outlaw and then rescued by the sheriff, Reagan. When she arrives in Wyldhaven, it is not what she was led to believe. No church, no school and nothing like the society she was used to in Boston. She intends to leave on the next stage out. But after  meeting the children who has never had a chance to read and write, she has second thoughts. Also surely she is not attracted to the young sheriff? Sheriff Reagan comes to her rescue time and time again. There is lots of adventure here and the characters are very believable. …..I was gifted this book and my review is my own and was not solicited by the author in any way.

Not a Sparrow Falls (Wyldhaven Book 1) by [Bonner, Lynnette]























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