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BENEATH A PRAIRIE MOON    by Kim Vogel Sawyer

I love historical fiction and I’ve always enjoyed mail-order bride novels. This book by Sawyer has a different twist from the usual mail order bride stories.This not-so-typical mail-order bride story centers around two women, Abigail Grant and Helena Bingham.  Abigail has no living relatives and thinks her only solution is to become a mail order bride. She once traveled in society but since her father’s imprisonment for theft, she has been ostracized.   Abigail has traveled more than once to meet an unknown man seeking a bride and each time she has been rejected because she was too “uppity” for him.  Helena, the widowed owner of Bingham’s Bevy of Brides in Massechusetts  is losing money on her and cannot keep paying her fares and having to refund the men their monies. So when she is contacted to send a bevy of mail-order brides to Spivey, Kansas she decides that Abigail would best be suited to fill the role of “tutor”, to teach the rough  men manners and how to treat women/wives. When the two women arrive in Kansas the fun begins, the prospective grooms are not pleased that they have to take lessons before they can get the bride they paid for. At times they are very angry and unwilling to be taught. All in all a good read, humor and sadness, even a kidnapping and the men that did not want nor order a bride get a bride………    I received a complimentary copy from the author/publisher. The honest review and opinions are my own and were not required.


The Unwanted Assistant: A Clean Billionaire Romance by Evangeline Kelly

The Unwanted Assistant: A Clean Billionaire Romance   by Evangeline Kelly

This is my first book to read by this author and I’m sure it will not be the last one. Kelly is an excellent writer and the plot was somewhat different as it was something like Beauty and the Beast……..  A billionaire whose face was burned in an auto accident five years ago has become a recluse. He lost his parents and younger brother in the accident. Sawyer has scars on his face, but worse, he has scars on the inside. He feels that the only way to survive is to keep people at arm’s length. He has become a hateful individual who uses his tongue as a knife, wounding everyone who tries to reach out to him. Then in walks Ivy, who is devastated by him, yet is attracted to him and she refuses to give up.. Her kindness melted the wall he had erected around himself. This is such a good read. I was given this e-book and I am happy to leave a review.

The Innkeeper’s Daughter by Michelle Griep

The Innkeeper’s Daughter  by Michelle Griep

Michelle Griep is a superb writer and this book is one of her best. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat as you turn the pages. Her characters are so real and as the danger lurks your heart beats faster with each incident. There is a  hero, fair maiden, puppeteer, smugglers, traitor, dandy and a band of traveling musicians who cannot play and a falling down inn in need of much repair. All of this suspense and  espionage yet God’s truth and love shines through proving He is supreme and we can put our faith in that. I certainly enjoyed reading this book as the plot was very different and interesting. I was given a copy of the book from the publisher and I’m happy to leave this positive review for a great book.

My Heart Belongs in Niagara Falls, New York: Adele’s Journey by Amanda Barratt

My Heart Belongs in Niagara Falls, New York: Adele’s Journey  by Amanda Barratt

My Heart Belongs in Niagara Falls, New York was my first to read by this author. I found it to be slow and not too interesting until half way the book and it took a big twist and turned into a very suspenseful interesting read. To be fair to the author, I know that there must be a foundation laid in the beginning of the book. …English lady of society who is about to lose her estate comes to America to find a rich husband. She meets a young american who is about to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope and she fears for his safety as she watched her father fall from several stories to his death. She becomes friends with him and does her best to persuade him not to attempt this horrible feat. It just so happens that the rich man she intends to wed is the man paying him to do this. Then the story really gets interesting. ….you will enjoy this book…….
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

ACROSS THE BLUE by Carrie Turansky

ACROSS THE BLUE  by Carrie Turansky

This is somewhat of an historical book about the time airplanes were invented. Also  it is like two books in one…….. Isabella Grayson’s father owns several newspapers.  She has always longed be a columnist for one of those papers, but that’s an occupation a wealthy young lady did not aspire to during those times. Her parents want her to marry well, marry someone that is looked up to in society…… James is a poor handsome young pilot who has dreams of owning his own aircraft factory and winning the prize money offered for the first one to fly across the English Chanel. He lives with a man who took him in as a baby.  He never knew his parents and longs to find out who they were. He knows his mother is dead but hopes he can find something about his father and if he still lives. He also wants to win Bella’s father’s approval of her hand in marriage.  Tauransky  makes her scenes come to life….  you  can envision the mountain side with it’s cliffs and the sea below , airplanes and their crashes , the mansions with their ballrooms and a trip insides the newspaper building.   All of this makes  an interesting read…….. I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher.  I was not required to write a positive review,   But I am happy to do so.

The Mayflower Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower (book 1) by Kimberly Woodhouse

The Mayflower Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower (book 1)    by Kimberly Woodhouse

Woodhouse certainly did her research for this book about the Mayflower voyage. She created strong characters and brought them to life as we read of their perils on the ship that brought them to the New World. Our forefathers sacrificed much to come to America. So much danger to their lives, sickness, scurvy, pneumonia and loss of life. Babies were born on the voyage, some lived and others didn’t. So it is not difficult  to believe that young couples would meet and fall in love.  Enjoyed this historical read of the ocean voyage of the Saints and the Strangers. Also the landing and building of their community.  I received this book from Barbour Publishing and was not required to leave a review but am happy to do so.

Love’s Bright Tomorrow: Historical Christian Romance (Eagle Harbor Book 6) by Naomi Rawlings

Love’s Bright Tomorrow: Historical Christian Romance (Eagle Harbor Book 6)  by Naomi Rawlings

Love’s Bright Tomorrow is the final book in the Eagle Harbor series by Naomi Rawlings. I’ve enjoyed reading about the inhabitants of Eagle Harbor and this is Isaac and Aileen’s story.  Isaac is very attracted to Irish Aileen Brogan since she moved from Chicago to Eagle Harbor and would like to court her but she has refused him and actually seems to be afraid of him. Aileen was brutally assaulted in Chicago by a wealthy man and felt she had no recourse because of who he was. She feels broken and unworthy of a descent man, therefore shies away from sheriff Isaac. This is such an interesting read with lots of dangers, smuggling, kidnapping even murder that will keep you turning the pages. God and His tender love is through out. Aileen learns that God can fix brokenness………”maybe that was the most beautiful part of God’s mercy. Not that it makes people perfect but that it could take broken people and make them whole again, and give them a happy bright tomorrow.”    I was gifted this by the author and happy to leave a positive review.

Angel Kisses and Riversong by Lynnette Bonner

Angel Kisses and Riversong  by Lynnette Bonner

Bonner has written a delightful romance that features  old fashion attraction/love  between two people and also love and devotion for one’s family. Salem’s love for her grandmother who has dementia and giving her all to take care of her is to be commended.  Jett is a football player who’s been injured and looking to get away from it all, the media the disappointment of not knowing what to do next with his life. He ends up as the first customer in Salem’s bed and breakfast in Riversong Wa.  Right away they both feel a great attraction towards each other. Salem has had a broken relationship with her ex and has determined her heart will never be broken again. Jett is seeking God’s direction for his life and not a girlfriend. Enjoyed reading how they overcame the obstacles in their way to find true love…..I received a copy from the author and I am happy to leave a review.


A Song Unheard (Shadows Over England Book #2) by Roseanna M. White

A Song Unheard (Shadows Over England Book #2) by Roseanna M. White

I loved the first book in the series Shadows Over England, but I must say A Song Unheard topped A Name Unknown……….this is the story of Willa, one of the street urchins from the “family” that was introduced in the first book. Willa is a complex character which from early on felt unloved and unwanted. When she is given another “assignment” she meets the great violinist Lukas De Wilde who she has admired from afar because of her love for music and the violin.  Story takes place during WW1 and we get to learn a lot about the history of that era. White definitely did research for this amazing book. The plot is great and the characters are lovable and some not so lovable, but oh so interesting. You will fall in love with the willful Willa, as your heart goes out to her…..Lots of intrigue and danger, twists and turns. I highly recommend this book, a great read…….I was given this book by the publisher and I am honored to leave this review.

The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz (Author)

The Lacemaker   by Laura Frantz (Author)

This is a beautifully written work by Laura Frantz who is unparalleled as a christian Historical author. It gives insight as a young America begins to break away from the Mother country. I enjoyed reading of Williansburg in 1775 with the politics, Tories , Patriots, the corruption that seems to worm it’s way into the people of all eras. The love that Noble and Liberty had for one another and what they endured for God and their country. You will be enthralled with the lives of the characters as you turn the pages. Though I warn you, have your tissue box handy. “Give me Liberty or give me death”  I loved it and highly recommend it as a great Historical Romance that brings in prayer and turning to God for the help that is needed. I was gifted this book by the author and NetGalley and I am pleased to leave a review.