Malia Vaccarelli has been raised wealthy, yet not fully accepted by the ‘ton’. When her brother is arrested and put into prison for murder, her life is turned upside down. She loves her brother and is very close to him, although she is very naive concerning what he does to gain their wealth. Malia is a witness to the men that her brother was with when the murder took place, therefore her life is in danger. She has been taught that coppers, or the law can not be trusted.  Marshal Frank Grahame Louden is the officer who is appointed to keep her safe. She is not sure whom to trust. Surely her life is not in any real danger. She is determined to stand by her brother, believing him innocent.
US Marshal Frank Grahame Louden is a man who has been hurt by his wife divorcing him after only six months of marriage. He has purposed to never love a woman again. His job is to protect Malia, not have feelings for her. He takes her to his grandparents secluded home in the country to keep her safe until her brother’s trial. This is an interesting read watching  their love and the fate of all concerned unfold.

I was given a copy of this book from the author for my honest opinion              


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